Interiors in Motion

Poltrona Frau's Interiors in Motion division joined the company in the mid-1980s for its first automotive project with Lancia, and ever since it has continued to carry out relentless research on material, form, and comfort. Its work has created a new concept in luxury, expanding the boundaries of fi ne living. As a key design material, leather has gone beyond domestic use to adorn multiple modes of travel-on the road and the rails, across the oceans, and through the sky-backed by a know-how that informs everything from the chair to the accessory and the environment. Its forte lies in executing projects through close collaboration and codesign: it actively blends innovation and artisanal skill to foster technological partnerships and reative exchanges in the name of shared design. The work of the Interiors in Motion division is an homage to luxury, fulfilling every need at any speed.

Ferrari California, design Pininfarina - Poltrona Frau's Interiors in Motion division, 2008