Poltrona Frau Museum

The "Poltrona Frau Museum" is the company exhibition space designed by Michele De Lucchi and housed in the industrial building of Poltrona Frau in Tolentino, the place where production meets with the outside world. A total of 1400 m² housing a collection of historic products and original archived documents that have never before been revealed to the public, bearing witness to the company's history and evolution.

The museum is divided up into several sections. From Le parole di Poltrona Frau and Il lavoro in Poltrona Frau, we get right into the company's history through the story told by The Ventenni and Le Icone Poltrona Frau. Through to a more in-depth investigation of the Contract Division and Interiors in Motion. A section in the Reading Room and Cafeteria is given over to the Power of the Poltrona Frau Trademark.

Evocative videos. Stages of manufacture described as a constant flow of slow, ancient, careful gestures, repeated in a timeless rhythm. Interactive touch screens on which to leaf through traditional catalogues. Together they tell of "The intelligence of hands" of Poltrona Frau.

Visiting the Poltrona Frau Museum