Contract Division

Poltrona Frau Contract division, has been working in liaison with designers from all over the world on the development of special furnishings for theatres, auditoriums, museums, airports hotels and restaurant. This reality, founded on Poltrona Frau's long standing tradition in "tailor-made furniture" which dates back to the thirties, when the company was a supplier to ocean lines and cruising ships. Today Poltrona Frau Contract Division is able to follow the same design philosophy of the architect and to meet any product, service or regulation requirements. Over 5000 projects, in over 200 countries, with 40 collections of personalized armchairs and 1200 compliance certifications, not to mention the dreams, ideas and challenges of demanding international designers.

Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy, Project Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 2002